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About Us

Woodsviking Barbershop shop entrance.
Woodsviking Shop storefront

It all started with a barber and a dream...

In an industry where your skill level is instantly visible on the head and face of your customers, you can't get away with a half done job. When you use Woodsviking Products, you're using a product born of the same commitment to craftsmanship and quality  demonstrated daily in the best barber shops across America. 

As a barber in Murfreesboro TN, Woodsviking founder Shawn Templeton began to realize a growing need for beard products both for use in the shop and in the ever growing bearded community.  

After extensive research including an intense amount of homegrown experimentation, Shawn created his own recipes. In Woodsviking country, it doesn't take long for ideas to turn into action, so it wasn't long before sketched recipes became packaged products. In 2014, the first four products were introduced and used in the shop.

Shawn Templeton at Woodsviking  Barbershop.
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